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Shinganshina trio waking up.


Interrupting again the requests (y’all gonna kill me) but I recieved an ask about my icon so I decided…. well let’s upload the whole thing.

I was practicing their bodies… And Mikasa’s is my favourite.


New hobby: Drawing titan Eren without his wig…

Oh so hansome and terrifying…


Muay Thai AU: Eren is a kid who picks up fights everyday in his neighbourhood with the other brats. One day his father sees the way he fights and tell him to practice the ultra violent ways of Muay Thai. At the practices, Levi (a veteran of the sport, who has to resign fighting due to a sever injury in his leg) got interested in Eren and his passion to battle, so he want’s to train him with his best techniques.

But you know Eren gets pissed easily and his first battles is almost  desqualified for excesive violence.

I really don’t know much about Muay Thai. So I don’t go into details. Just copied the poses!

Enjoy the drawings though!

Anonymous sent:

You should do a little tutorial on how to draw the abs! Its soo complicated;-;


oh shit

ok… how to draw abs ⊙_☉?

maybe you should see photos of bodybuilders (since the muscles are more defined and easy to see) and then you can work from there doing different types of bodies, more thin hips, females with more mucles (you can actually just add a little bit of abs by just doing this:

Start with a simple torso… there’s muscles (duh) but they are not traced or delineated.


But what happens If I start detailing and tracing the muscles that we have… (adding shading)

All I can tell you is that I copy the torsos of men who do bodybuilding and then I try to make their bodies more thin or their hips more thick (because the muscles in the part of the undearm to the ribs inflate and it looks as if their hips are thinner, like a woman, but it’s just that the upper part of their back gets bigger)

I, for one, don’t like to make BARA guys (could be the bodybuilders type of body) that’s why I practice to make the thin guys with a little bit more pronounced muscles.

Let’s go with the females shall we? <3

Same thing. Tracing muscles that we have but without the right exercise we can’t see them!

Alright I hope this helps…

Practice as much as you can! ♥



Day 3: Eremika

So I have this headcannon for these two in which when they first started training Eren used to see how Mikasa’s chest was getting bigger and bouncy (heck they enter military when they were 13 yo, the whole puberty hits somewhere) and he suggested her to put on something to be more confortable. So he helps her. He even suggested she cut her hair so it’s just a suggestion….



Day 4: Eremin

Sometimes I wonder if Eren stops thinking about anihilation for a moment and just thinks how cute his best friend is.



Day 5: Erejean

Yeah… That moment when you try to act sexy in front of your crush and you start sweating like a pig.

I’m a sucker for embarrased Jean ♥



Day 6: Jeanmarco

Credits to syccas-stock for the pose reference ♥



Day 7: Springles

Please forgive the lack of a consistent style of drawing.

Someday I’ll have one haha



Day 12: Levihan

Selfies with the bae ♥



Day 14: Jeankasa

I wonder if Jean likes to be scratched in his undercut (ô‿ô)


Umm…This is how I draw mostly. I start with a boring doodling not knowing what to do, trying out things that might appear stupid, like mirroring the drawing (the flipped canvas) and, making little modifications to the starting point, I can actually use it as a guide for something else. This applied also for the wings. I used the shitty wings I drew first as a sketch for the following wings.

Right now, I have this Ereri lineart and I don’t know how to color it to make it look good. I don’t trust my coloring so much I think.

But maybe I’ll come up with something later…

I’m bad at explaining things for drawing. I’m sorry. I wanted to show you the usual steps for me.


After watching this video I just couldn’t help myself.

First time drawing Marco ♥_♥ and actually first time drawing Jean properly!



Posted with permission. 

…or he prefers no boobs… just saying